Interesting sms's 4u

1. Confidence never comes if you know all the answers,
But it comes if you are ready for all the questions.

2. We hate others for their small mistakes,
But why do we not hate ourselves even after many mistakes.
Strange but true!

3. Everybody loves success,
but why do we hate successful people?...-Mother Theresa.

4. Always keep Negative thinking alongwith Creative thinking.
Bcoz if creative thinking can invent aeroplane, negative thinking can invent parachute! Think...

5. In life, if you don't come across any problem, be sure that you are travelling in a wrong path- Einstein.

6. A best friend will always say- I understand ur problem.
But a true/real friend wil always say- I feel ur problem.
Thatz the difference...

7. If u fail 1000 times in life, don't say 'I failed 1000 times' instead say 'I discovered 1000 ways of failure'.

8. Bill Gates-
I failed in 3 subjects & my frnd passed in all the subjects.
Today he is the manager of Microsoft company & I am the owner of it!

9. Everyone in this universe is greedy-
In respect of
& many more...

10. Success is not measured how tall the tree has grown
But how DEEP the roots have grown...