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Latest airtel free gprs working trick in new year 2011. Its really working. 1. First download any handler browser. In the operator trick, do the following settings: In Operamini 4, 4.1, 4.2, 5.0 and 5.1 Custom Http server: Custom socket server: socket:// Front Query/Front string: More front queries are here: 0.facebook.com.t9space.com/power/m/http/ your website address without http:// and www.) website address)

Another way for using free gprs in Airtel Mobile office settings.- Just change your original mobile office proxy/ip address to and Port: 80 Now download any handler application and in operator trick Select Proxy type: HTTP and Proxy server: 0.facebook.com Dont put any front, middle or backqueries. Leave all blank and initialize it. Now enjoy free and fast gprs browsing but no downloading facility. Try it. Its latest and working trick for feb 2011..!

OM 4.2 airtel modded.jar

Opera mini 4.2 with editable proxy server.jar