MTNL Trump tricks

MTNL (Mumbai) gprs settings for you. See and apply. You can use original settings by sending an sms ACT GPRS to 444 (Rs.2/sms). Also set it manually on your own as follows: Profile name: mtnl_gprs Connect using: mtnl_gprs Use proxy: Yes Proxy address: Port: 9401/9201 Home page: APN: gprsppsmum Username: mtnl Password: mtnl123 Keep balance above Rs.25/-

Latest MTNL gprs trick~ APN (Access Point Name): mobiletv Proxy/IP address: Port: 9401 Backquerry (also works without this. If it doesn't work, put this): ?id= It is fast depending on your network in the area. It is working for Mumbai, Maharashtra & Goa circle. Its the latest and really working. Please try and see it.

One more MTNL TRUMP MUMBAI GPRS TRICK. This trick is for 3G customers.
Do the following settings on your phone: APN: mobiletv Proxy/IP address: Port: 8080 Username: mtnl Password: mtnl123
In the handler browser like bolt, ucweb, snaptu, nimbuz, newshunt, gmail, googlemap, operamini 5/5.1/5.2 (not working in 4.2 or lower version because it shows 'content blocked by the operator'), write in the backquerry ?id= keep all other blank. custom HTTP and socket server in operamini will remain as it is. start the application and browse anything at 3G speed of 4.875 mbps in mumbai.
You can also browse in your mobile default or built-in browser. For this, in the address bar write your website address without www. and after your website address put / and after this put the given backquerry. For example, write like this your website address bar-
Opera 5.1 handler.jar

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